New Teen Movie Well Received

A new action adventure motion picture has been well received in Australia. Tomorrow When The War Began, the popular novel written by famed Australian author John Marsden, has now been turned into a blockbuster movie The book has a considerable following of teenage readers and has sold over 2 million copies in Australia and New Zealand Though it is aimed at the young adult audience, many adults have enjoyed reading this book as well.

The book has been adapted for the big screen by script writer Stuart Beattie, who additionally wrote the screenplays for the “Pirates of The Caribbean; the curse of The Black Pearl” and “Australia” motion pictures among others. Beattie is furthermore directing the Tomorrow When The War Began movie, and this will be his first experience as the director of a film.

Well-known young Australian actors, known for their various roles in Australian television series and film, make up most of the young teen cast of the movie, with the exception of Rachel Hurd-Wood of Peter Pan fame.

The story starts out in the rural fictional town of Wirrawee, where a group of Visit:- seven young adults decide to go away camping in an isolated bushland area called “Hell” for a few days. While they’re away, they will be missing the town’s annual Commemorative Day celebrations at the local showground, so when they notice planes flying overhead, they think nothing of it. The teens think it’s part of the Commemorative Day celebrations

When the group returns home from their camping trip they find their homes deserted and their animals dead or dying from dehyration/starvation. They then also become aware they have no phone coverage for their phones and that there’s no power.

Not knowing what to make of the situation they find themselves in, they stay put until nightfall and then under the cover of darkness go into town to try and find out what has happened to their families and township. Putting their own safety in jeopardy, they end up discovering that their town has been occupied by an unknown enemy force, and their families have been taken prisoner and are being held under enemy guard at the showground.

The story then continues on to show the young adults doing what they can to wreck havoc on the enemy force using guerrilla tactics to try to free their families and the towns people. This motion picture is jam packed with action and adventure as we watch the young adults do what they can to fight for their freedom. The movie shows how the teens deal with being pushed to their limits trying to cope with the situation they find themselves in and what they have to do in order to survive the invasion.


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