Praise and Worship Professional Rivalry

Professional rivalry is a curse in the Christian church, and it is an extension of the pride poison we talked about earlier. Professional rivalry occurs when a praise and worship leader, musician or singer becomes envious of another musician or singer because of their ability, or their perceived success, either of which is greater than the person’s own ability or success. If we call it what it really is, professional rivalry is simply jealousy, and it has no place in Christian ministry.

As a musician and singer, I will admit that it is hard to see another ministry gain the success and adulation I desire, especially if it is at my expense! It is tempting to look at them and say, “How come they have success that I have not got, Lord? Why did you raise them up instead of me?” The obvious extension is to say, “I play better than them, I sing better than them, Louvores de Adoração my songs are more powerful than theirs, how come they got success and I did not?” Or you might say, “I have tried really hard to learn this instrument well, how come they find it so easy to play it and I do not?” Or, “Lord, why is his voice so much nicer than mine?”

Years ago I stopped going to Christian festivals because the professional rivalry absolutely disgusted me. I saw all of these Christian musicians and singers with thinly painted masks of niceties wishing one another well on the surface, while secretly hoping that they would fall and be shot down in a screaming heap! At these festivals, some Christian musicians refused to allow others to use their amps or even leads, just to try and make it more difficult for the next person coming on. In this way many of them tried to elevate themselves by pushing their peers down. I found this attitude so abhorrent that I stopped going to festivals and devoted myself to pursuing what I felt the Lord and ask me to do in my own church, and in the places where the Lord open the opportunity for me to play.

I say again, professional rivalry has no place in Christian ministry, especially in the worship. If you are prideful, envious and jealous of a fellow team member, then this destroys the unity within the team, and the Lord cannot bestow blessing upon the ministry in the same way (Psalm 133).

The Antidote For the Poison of Professional Rivalry
The antidote to this destructive poison is a simple one: keep humble, keep encouraging others and elevate the other person. In fact, if you are smart you will stick close to the other guy so that you can learn from him and bounce off him when you are ministry.

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