Probiotics and Body Fat

While it is true that there is no substitute for experience, the Golden Rule of medicine is that nothing can be considered standard until clinical studies have been performed and repeated. This is especially true when it comes to alternative medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, because opponents of these medicinal practices argue that there is no clinical evidence to support the fact that millions of individuals around the world have been successfully using traditional forms of medicine for thousands of years. And something that should be taken into account is the anecdotal evidence spread out over several thousand years. This should be considered equally as important as clinical studies.

In any case, a recent alternative theory arising out of the University of Turku in Finland is showing yet another reason to take the super product known as probiotics. Long considered one of the most healthy types of live microorganisms living in the body, inhibiting pathogens and toxins produced in bacteria as well as improving the balance of intestinal flora, probiotics have been touted as one of those wonder elements that every individual should take, and the most recent study from Finland is showing ฉีดไขมันหน้า that probiotics can actually help pregnant women lose belly fat more quickly after giving birth than women who do not take probiotics.

The cases specifically looked at 256 expectant women and found that the women who took probiotics during the first trimester of pregnancy had reduced body fat a year after giving birth in comparison to the women who did not take probiotics. They were divided into three groups, with the first group receiving dietary counseling, low-fat foods, and probiotics. The second group received counseling, food, as well as a placebo, and the third group received only the placebo. 12 months after giving birth, all the women were measured for waist circumference and level of body fat, and what the research showed was the women who took probiotics had a 25% central obesity rate in comparison to the women who did not take probiotics, who had a 43% central obesity rate. The pure placebo group had 40%.

According to the director of the study, Kirsi Laitinin, the results offer yet another reason to take probiotics seriously, considering the nature of belly fat and how difficult it is for most individuals to eliminate same. “The results of our study, the first to demonstrate the impact of probiotics- supplemented dietary counseling on adiposity, were encouraging. Central obesity, where overall obesity is combined with a particularly fat belly, is considered especially unhealthy.”

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